Year of Sustainable Business 2018 – A look back

Ireland’s highly successful and first-ever Year of Sustainable Business (YOSB18) is drawing to a close after an incredible 60+ events, workshops and other initiatives taking place this year.
YOSB18 was launched to raise awareness of responsible and sustainable investment and to encourage climate-aligned innovation by Irish enterprises.
The events in the Sustainable Nation Irelandvorganised programme significantly raised awareness of the agenda and strengthened our aims in positioning Ireland as a global hub for green and sustainable finance, innovation, skills and leadership.
YOSB18 kicked off in January with a feature in the Sunday Independent outlining the programme and the our goals in helping to shape a low-carbon and sustainable global economy.
The YOSB18 programme featured regularly in the media throughout the year and received up to 100 separate pieces of coverage in national and international publications.
The Irish Independent produced a three-part explainer on green finance which interviewed the main green finance players in Ireland while the Irish Times reported on Sustainable Nation Ireland’s collaboration with Hong Kong on green finance.
Throughout the year, Sustainable Nation Ireland supported a series of breakfast and lunchtime sustainability-themed events and seminars and offered commentary and analysis on sustainable finance and business including an opinion piece in the Irish Independent on Ireland’s first green bond issue.
The launch of SIF Ireland’s first-ever Responsible Investment report was a Year of Sustainable business event that neatly coincided with Climate Week and was covered by major news outlets.
Climate Week itself and the Dublin Castle Climate Innovation Summit garnered scores of headlines from major national news outlets as well reports carried in UK publications such as Environmental Finance and Responsible
The frequent media coverage of YOSB18 offered numerous opportunities to drive the green finance agenda and sustainability agenda at home and abroad.

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