The Common Purpose Meridian Programme

Who Should Attend

The Common Purpose Meridian programme is a dynamic leadership development programme for 30 senior leaders from across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in Ireland.

What is The Common Purpose Meridian programme

Meridian uses a real-world experiential approach to develop leaders’ skills, broaden their networks and enhance their understanding, so that they can make an impact within their organisations and across society. Meridian focuses on the following 4 learning outcomes:

  • Approach: Become better able to build strong relationships that lead to successful collaborations
  • Impact: Become better able to have an impact in unfamiliar contexts
  • Strategy: Become better able to develop strategies that produce change
  • Behaviours: Become better able to inspire others through your leadership style

Sheena Barrett, Curator/Arts Officer at Dublin City Council, discusses her experience participating in the Common Purpose Meridian programme in 2015/16.

Commitment Required

The time commitment is approximately 6 full days over 4 months comprising:

  • An Online accelerator (1 hr) as an introduction to the programme
  • 3 full Core DaysPlotting the Course, Broadening your Vision & Preparing to Lead Change – which allow participants to explore leadership themes as part of a diverse, cross-sector group. The dates are 25th Oct, 6th Dec & 31st Jan.
  • A series of half-day Immersion Experiences which allow participants to experience leadership and decision-making in different contexts. Participants attend 4 immersion experiences from a choice of 6.
  • Learning Groups (Three 3-hr sessions) which enable participants to deepen their learning as part of a small but diverse group.

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