Resource Efficiency

Sustainability actions are often referred to as resource efficiency projects. These include saving energy, water and reducing waste, improving building standards and biodiversity.

Globally, businesses are taking action. 74% of companies now recognise sustainability as important to business strategy and that resource efficiency is an area where they can quickly effect positive change. In doing so, they drive innovation, improve profitability, and remain competitive.

Sustainable Nation has a clear mandate in the IFS2020 strategy to raise awareness of the sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) agenda. To do this it has established the Sustainable & Responsible Investment Forum (SIF).

Innovative resource efficiency projects being done by Irish-based sustainable businesses can help to showcase Ireland a location for sustainable and responsible investment.

Our Programmes

Through our programmes, and partners Climate-KIC and Sustainability Skillnet, we aim to bring world-class resources and opportunities to Irish businesses, to build their capacity and connect them with a dynamic, thriving, innovating global network.

Our current programmes are:

Docklands 21

Get Involved

Our resource efficiency programmes are aimed at businesses who recognise the benefits of adopting sustainable business practices. To find out more or get involved, please contact [email protected]