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Practicing What We Preach. Avoiding 1.5 Tonnes of CO2 Through Reuse of End-of-Life Technology

Achieving sustainability goals is easier than ever for businesses by having their end of life computer equipment reused rather than recycled. Camara Education have a simple equipment processing solution that provides measurement data on waste reduction.

At Sustainable Nation, we did this recently when Camara Education processed six laptops for reuse. It was so simple and we have the added assurance when they provided us with a hard drive data destruction certificate.

Camara is an international organisation dedicated to reusing computer technology to improve the education of disadvantaged communities around the world. Camara’s educational intervention aims to break the cycle of poverty that disadvantaged communities are trapped in. Sustainable Nation supports Camara’s goal to build sustainable communities by delivering high quality education through the reuse of technology. Camara’s reuse model helps the corporate community twofold – by helping them achieve waste reduction goals and reducing their carbon footprint.

To put this in practical terms – the total carbon footprint of a Dell Latitude E6400 is approximately 350 kg CO2* which is comparable to driving 1,200 km in a Porsche Cayenne. Manufacturing makes up 77 percent of Apple’s carbon footprint and most of it is due to carbon emissions from the electricity used to make their products.**

The six reused laptops from Sustainable Nation will defer the release of about 1.5 tonnes of CO2.

The six laptops donated to Camara by Sustainable Nation will be redeployed in Irish schools.

Each refurbished laptop Camara can reuse has an educational impact on at least 21 learners in Ireland or East African countries like Ethiopia, Tanzania or Zambia – improving their English and Maths skills, or by testing their skills in interactive tests. Camara also reuse desktop computers, servers, loose hard drives, flat screen monitors, keyboards, mice and power leads. Any equipment that cannot be reused is recycled at an authorised WEEE facility.

If you have end of life computer equipment, contact or Mark Fox at 01 652 2673 for more information on how to process your end of life technology for reuse.

* dell-laptop-carbon-footprint-whitepaper.pdf Markus Stutz, EMEA Environmental Affairs Manager May 2010

** Apple Environmental Responsibility Report, 2017 Progress Report

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