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Plans announced today provide Ireland with ‘a roadmap’ to finance a sustainable, low-carbon future


  • Announcement of €21.8 billion to make Ireland a low carbon economy is significant, says Sustainable Nation Ireland
  • Declaration in National Development Plan that public capital investment decisions will embrace sustainable agenda

Sustainable Nation Ireland CEO Stephen Nolan today welcomed a €22 billion package of measures to create a low-carbon, competitive climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050.

Mr Nolan in particular highlighted the ambition of the Exchequer to provide €7.6 billion in funding, which the Government expects to lead to an additional €14.2 billion in private investment by 2027.

A €500 million Climate Action Fund was also announced, to help pay for projects and initiatives that cut across transport, energy efficiency, renewable energy, research and agriculture.

Mr Nolan said: “Today’s plan is a very important starting point in Ireland’s journey towards a low-carbon, climate-friendly economy that will benefit all of our people.

“The outlining of how much investment is required to 2027, how much government is willing to commit and a recognition of the importance of private sector capital crowding in to realise this ambition, is to be welcomed and establishes a clear roadmap for investors, both domestic and international to react to. Sustainable Nation Ireland will build on this clarity to further promote and position Ireland as a leading green finance global hub.”

Sustainable Nation Ireland is the not-for-profit body tasked in the Government’s IFS2020 Strategy with promoting and developing Ireland as a hub for green finance. Sustainable Nation also represents the EU Climate-KIC body in Ireland with a focus on promoting and stimulating climate-linked innovation in business.

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