Sustainable Nation (SNI) is Ireland’s leading authority and champion of sustainable finance and responsible investing. Based in Dublin, SNI is a non-governmental organisation.

In support of government’s Ireland for Finance strategy, internationally SNI works to position and promote Ireland as a leading international centre of excellence for sustainable finance, while domestically advancing responsible investment best practices across all asset classes.

Domestically, SNI formed and is the secretariat of the following committees/ initiatives:
In 2019, Sustainable Nation Ireland and her committees will produce the following materials and events under government’s ‘Ireland For Finance’ Strategy:
  • A National Blueprint for Sustainable Finance 2019
  • Second Annual Responsible Investment State of Play Report 2019
  • A Deepdive Skills Analysis of Sustainable Finance & Responsible Investment requirements to 2025
  • Sustainable Finance Day 2019
  • Climate Finance Week 2019​​​




There are no upcoming events at this time.