Dr. Eoin Syron, OxyMem; John Mullins, Chairman Sustainable Nation Ireland & CEO Amarenco Solar; Kevin Maughnan, CEO UrbanVolt; Rachel Waite, Head of Communications, FenestraPro; and Stephen Nolan, CEO Sustainable Nation Ireland

New Body Sustainable Nation Ireland, Comes Into Being Today

A new organisation devoted to the development and promotion of Ireland as a world-leading hub for sustainable and responsible businesses and investment, comes into being today.

Sustainable Nation Ireland has been established from the merging of several existing bodies to help transition Ireland to a low-carbon future – a mutli-billion-euro investment opportunity for innovation, learning and responsible business to flourish.

Forming part of the Irish Government’s IFS 2020 strategy, our role is support and develop ideas, innovations and investment strategies to deal with trends such as population growth, urbanisation and rising consumption of scarce resources such as food, water and energy.

Sustainable Nation will help Ireland to play its role in reducing global carbon emissions, a key plank of last year’s climate change talks in Paris.

Dr. Eoin Syron, OxyMem; John Mullins, Chairman Sustainable Nation Ireland & CEO Amarenco Solar; Kevin Maughnan, CEO UrbanVolt; Rachel Waite, Head of Communications, FenestraPro; and Stephen Nolan, CEO Sustainable Nation Ireland


These trends are now driving the business of clean technology and investment in sustainable products and services at a rapid rate.

Non-sustainable investments are being assigned negative risk scores, prompting global investors to look for alternative businesses and assets in which to invest in.

Irish-based firms, big and small, are creating scalable, world-beating solutions and winning billions of euro in investment, underpinning Ireland’s emergence as a leading low-carbon enterprise hub.

Some €85 trillion will be invested in global sustainability and resource efficiency infrastructure by 2030. Sustainable Nation Ireland will back Irish enterprise leadership in sustainability, by helping mature companies, university incubators and start-ups to capture the opportunity.

Across the range of activities including responsible investment, enterprise development, climate finance, skills and resource efficiency our partners already include AIB, Coillte, Bank of Ireland, ESB, KPMG, Mainstream Renewable Power, PwC, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Greencoat Capital.

We are also working with Irish Life Investment Managers and Kingspan, Bilfinger, OxyMem, Amarenco, Gaelectric, Dublin City Council, Cylon, UrbanVolt, FenestraPro, Ambisense, UN PRI Academy, Climate Bonds Initiative, Responsible Investor and EuroSIF.

Sustainable Nation Ireland has been formed as a result of a merger between the Green IFSC and the Green Way, which promoted Dublin’s cleantech cluster of companies. Our work is supported and funded by a range of public and privately financed initiatives.

Our purpose is to:

*stimulate greater investment into smart innovations, new enterprises and sustainable business practices

*provide a voice for the sector, a platform for (international) collaboration and vehicle for the promotion of the Irish sustainability and low carbon sector

*accelerate the regional growth of Ireland’s indigenous low carbon sector, including increase the amount of capital deployed to Irish projects and enterprises

*promote Ireland as a location of choice to domicile / manage assets from underpinned by responsible and sustainable investment principles

*develop a skills programme for the enhancement of world-class knowledge and competence

*support the development of innovative financial services and products that support sustainable economic development

*embed responsible and sustainable business practices across Irish enterprises

*share industry insight and collaborate with sector stakeholders

Sustainable Nation offers a platform for those working right across the sustainability sector and capital markets to come together, understand each other – and ultimately do business together at a local and global level.

Sustainable Nation Ireland is chaired by Mr. John Mullins, who commented: “With a clearer global policy framework emerging, we feel it is timely to focus on what is potentially required from a domestic policy, funding and skills perspective to further support the emergence of Irish enterprise leadership in sustainability. Sustainable Nation Ireland will provide that focus.”

Sustainable Nation Chief Executive Stephen Nolan said: “It is clear that the world’s capital markets and major global investors have woken up to the challenge of climate change, environmental sustainability and the role of finance in helping solve society’s problems.

“This shift presents a significant opportunity for Ireland in terms of increasing sustainable and responsible funds serviced, under management or deployed into Irish enterprise activities with potential for exponential growth. Now is the time to capture the opportunity.”

Present at the launch in Dublin today were representatives from three exciting new Irish companies innovating in the sustainable sector.

They included Ms Rachel Waite, marketing manager of FenestraPro, which produces software that enables architects to design energy efficient building facades more effectively, Mr. Kevin Maughan, CEO of UrbanVolt, which helps businesses to upgrade their premises with investment-grade LED lights with zero capital expenditure and Dr. Eoin Syron, technical director of OxyMem, a UCD spinout that has developed pioneering technology to better treat waste water worldwide.


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