LEED GA (Green Associate) Training

The LEED GA (Green Associate) training programme helps professionals get started on the path to LEED accreditation. There are a number of professionals and companies in Ireland that are tendering for and working on LEED projects, which is creating a need for LEED Green Associate and LEED Accredited Professional training.

The LEED GA training programme consists of a one-day discussion and workshop to review the LEED GA exam topics, along with the LEED GA Study Guide and Core Concepts. Along with this, participants will be able to choose a time slot to view the USGBC’s webinar LEED 201: Core Concepts and Strategies.

The Core Concepts and Strategies webinar provides essential knowledge of sustainable building concepts that are fundamental to all LEED Rating Systems. It begins with an introduction to the benefits and integrative approach to green building, and a brief background on the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED, including basics of the building certification process.

The LEED GA exam costs $250 and is coordinated by the US GBC. In order to take the exam you will need to register separately through the US GBC and schedule your exam through Prometrics who have an exam centre in Dublin. For full detail on this process download the LEED Green Associate-v4-Candidate Handbook.

Please note: This programme is not required to take the LEED Green Associate exam, but provides participants with an understanding of the LEED systems and processes for the LEED Green Associate exam, as well as a foundation for working on LEED projects in Ireland or abroad. Also note that LEEDv4 is the only system under which you can take the USGBC exams, even though you may be working with other LEED systems on your current projects.

Topics covered:

  • Green Building and the US Green Building Council
  • What is LEED and what is the US Green Building Council?
  • LEED Rating Systems
  • LEEDv4
  • Registration and Certification
  • LEED Categories and Credits
  • LEED Professionals
  • Review and discussion on LEED categories via a practical session
  • About the LEED Green Associate Exam
  • Printed Materials/Books

Materials supplied:

  • Candidate Handbook
  • LEED Green Associate Study Guide
  • Green Building and LEED Core Concepts

About the presenter:
Devyn Olson-Sawyer, LEED BD+C, has been a LEED Accredited professional since 2002. Her experience includes projects in the United States and Ireland, and she is an active sustainability consultant and presenter in a number of areas. Devyn is a co-founder of the Irish Green Building Council and currently serves on the IGBC board.

For more information on IGBC and the location go HERE