Learn more about our 2015 ClimateLaunchpad green business ideas

ClimateLaunchpad – the world’s largest cleantech competition – and Sustainable Nation manage the Irish stage of the competition. 2015 was the first year Ireland participated, and eight teams participated in the programme. Three of these teams were selected at the national final to represent Ireland in Amsterdam.

Agri-Grow Lights

LED grow lights for horticultural applications, enabling full control of the separate infrared and ultra violet light
spectrum. This will lead to less energy waste and food with higher nutritional values.

H3E – Home Energy Efficiency Evaluator 

Provide the homeowner with easy-to-follow information on the energy use of their home, and demonstrate the value of various energy upgrade options available to them.

Boltz Secret Seeds

Secret Seeds are made from clay and compost or paper and full of wildflower seeds. They reduce the land use and carbon emissions needed for traditional methods of growing and giving flowers. The secret part is that they are full of biochar.


Climate Friendly Designs

A planning tool to support energy efficient design in buildings.




Marker Biofuel

Specialize in the production of second generation bio-diesel for the agriculture industry while also bio-refining the co-product (Glycerin) to produce 1,3 Propanediol. 1,3 PDO is widely used in bio-polymers, an area which has seen prolific growth over the past number of years.



A simple to use mobile app that can give people in areas prone to danger more time to escape natural disasters by connecting them immediately and informing them of an impending life-threatening event.


A technology is designed to enable consumers to manage their food more efficiently in order to reduce wasted food and save money. wasteNOT connects food consumers to the upstream food supply chain creating a more efficient food supply and stock management system.


A modular construction firm that designs and builds urban apartment complexes in Ireland, using recycled shipping containers as the building blocks (container architecture).
We will utilise innovative construction techniques and eco-technology to minimise the economical and environmental impact of the home over its lifetime.


Checkout the videos from the winning teams

Agri Grow Lights 

Boltz Secret Seeds



ClimateLaunchpad programme was excellent. The team managed to both support and push in equal measure and helped me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. Both Aideen and Ron went above and beyond for each team on the programme and I will be forever grateful to them. – Sarah Martin, Uniqube

The ClimateLaunchpad programme was the perfect vehicle to help us develop our business idea. It gave us access to great mentors and insights from experienced entrepreneurs and investors, helping us to develop a solid business model. As well as the mentoring, it gives you an opportunity to connect with many other businesses in Ireland and abroad. – Eoin White, wasteNOT

SmartEarth found ClimateLaunchpad to be a very enjoyable, stimulating and worthwhile experience. Collaborating with other founders in different areas but with a related business focus helped hone all value propositions to realistic solutions. The mentoring and workshops were excellent and we had 3 great presenters. I would recommend ClimateLaunchpad to any entrepreneur with a great climate related idea. – John Glynn, SmartEarth


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