IdeasPad is an “innovator-enablement” programme, designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within existing organisations. Its benefits include improving your brand, de-risking your value-chain and identifying new business development opportunities.

IdeasPad addresses two fundamental ideas of business:

  1. Enablement + Innovator + Idea = Impact
  2. Enablement + Suppliers + Idea = Impact

Enablement + Innovator + Idea = Impact

IdeasPad is a programme that empowers staff to bring forward climate-change ideas that will benefit their company and the environment, thus creating a culture of innovation, while boosting employee morale. The result is IDEAS that have potential for environmental impact. Ideas can be entered into ClimateLaunchpad or , if relevant can be developed and spun-out from within the company, with the support of Sustainable Nation.

Enablement + Suppliers + Idea = Impact

As sustainability becomes more relevant, it is vital that corporate supply and value chains transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon approach. Value-chain mapping will identify a number of suppliers that could, and should, be part of that transition. Relevant organisations, within the value-chain will be invited to be part of additional ideas-generation workshops, allowing them to co-develop a range of ideas that could benefit their business, as the business of their Corporate-sponsor.

Support: Tools + Coaching

Sustainable Nation will run a series of innovation-focused workshops that will create internal awareness of climate change and future trends, followed by an ideas-generation workshop.


  • Improving your brand,
  • De-risking your value-chain
  • Identifying new business development opportunities