IdeasPad is an “innovator-enablement” programme, designed to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship within existing organisations. Its benefits include improving your brand, de-risking your value-chain and identifying new business development opportunities.

88% of Fortune 500 companies in 1955 are no longer present in 2015. While there are may reasons for this, it is difficult for companies to remain relevant in the competitive landscape in which they operate. There are opportunity hotspots that companies such focus on to remain relevant.

Climate change, while a series issue, is one-such opportunity hotspot. Globally $90 trillion needs to be invested by 2030.

Sustainable Nation can help make that hotspot a reality for your business through IdeasPad.

IdeasPad is an in-house workshop. It will give businesses, that have a new sustainability-related idea for a product or service or wish to generate a new business idea, the tools to complete. This innovative idea can be company specific or relate to the wider supply chain.

Supported by Climate-KIC, the workshop empowers staff to bring forward and develop ideas that will benefit their company and the environment, thus creating a culture of innovation, while boosting employee morale.



  • Improving your brand,
  • De-risking your value-chain
  • Identifying new business development opportunities


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