Docklands 21

Docklands 21 is Sustainable Nation’s resource efficiency initiative. It aims to help organisations meet their goals by bringing them together to work collectively on their operational challenges.

These challenges include validating best-practice projects, understanding emerging solutions, improving project return on investment, and upskilling staff/employees.

While Docklands 21 began in Dublin’s Docklands – the heart of the Irish IFS and tech community – its reach is now national. This initiative is open to all businesses, regardless of size or sector.


  • Solves operational challenges
  • Responsible investors invest
  • Grow market-share and profits
  • Remain compliant
  • Positive impact on staff

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Sustainability challenges are bigger than any one company or country. It is estimated that over €85 trillion will be required to support global sustainability actions by 2030. Smart businesses are now realising the business opportunity that these challenges present and investing in corporate actions and projects related to resource efficiency.


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Our Network

Sustainable Nation is working to create a network of leading Irish-based businesses who are driving the transition to a sustainable economy. This network aims to ultimately lay the ground-work for potential collective projects to achieve economies of scale. This network will have access to like-minded organisations, get unbiased technical advice, and have the opportunity to validate best practice projects.

Our network is made up of:

  • Academic institutions
  • Corporates (building owners and tenants)
  • Service and product providers
  • Semi-state agencies
  • Utilities
  • Smart Dublin

Becoming a sustainable business offers the following benefits:


Skills development can contribute to a smooth transition to a low-carbon and resource efficient economy. Businesses can support this transition by providing their employees with the opportunity to access new skills.

Through the Sustainability Skillnet, we offer a range of technical briefings and tailored training solutions for your company.

Sustainability Skillnet
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Sustainable Nation is currently working with its industry partners to support and co-develop projects that are of scale and will have impact for Dockland 21 companies.


Docklands 21 is driven by a number of strategic partnerships, including SEAI, Climate-KIC, ESB, Irish Water and Smart Dublin. Docklands 21 is also a platform for companies to showcase the innovate resource efficient projects they are doing, both in the Docklands and nationwide, highlighting it as a location for responsible investment.

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To find out more or get involved, please contact [email protected] or register your interest here.