Climate Launch Pad 2016.                  
Picture by Shane O'Neill Photography.

Discover our 2016 ClimateLaunchpad green business ideas

ClimateLaunchpad – the world’s largest cleantech competition – and Sustainable Nation manage the Irish stage of this exciting competition. In 2016, ten teams participated in the competition, with 3 teams being selected at the national final to represent Ireland in Tallinn, Estonia.

Learn a bit more about them..

 Ashleigh Environmental

A renewable energy solution which integrates microwave and anaerobic digestion technologies to enable farmers to cost effectively convert manure to energy and also to meet the environmental challenges associated with climate change.



An advanced microcomputer, which allows office automation relied on company to save running cost and improve staffs working efficiency.



 Human Waste to Energy

This idea is use Vacuum Toilets connected to an Anaerobic Digester, to produce methane gas, saving 90% water versus conventional toilets and producing alternative energy.




Mobile Eco Wood Processor

A unique concept to process wood from forestry felling in-situ, thus optimising efficiencies and recovery of all materials.





The world’s first FairChain coffee brand – it is a single origin, organic coffee from Ethiopia being sold to businesses in Ireland.






A cloud based behavioural change initiative to assist the adoption of online meetings in preference to traditional, CO2 intensive modes, while increasing productivity and achieving cost reduction for the company.


Next generation Solar Thermal Panels to transform the energy industry


Small Farms

Producing an alternative source of protein in the form of cricket powder.



“The Internet of Waste”, a circular economy platform, supports the transformation of waste management theories to action and the perception of waste from problem to product.


A remotely Managed Asset Portal using on-site sensors to benefit our customers by reducing maintenance cost and down time of the equipment, initial focus in hospitality/ food sector.


Small FarmsSmartTrace, and Senergy were the 3 successful teams that got to represent Ireland in Estonia.

If you have a green business idea register here for the next competition.


“The ClimateLaunchpad competition is a challenging, insightful and extremely rewarding. Ron, Aideen, and team provide you with the right tools to critically assess your business idea – in a way you probably never would have be able to on your own. An exhausting 48hrs [bootcamp]…but absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to help their Cleantech business idea become a reality”Ashleigh Environmental

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