ClimateLaunchpad 2017: Discover Ireland’s next green business ideas

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest cleantech competition. The Irish stage of the competition is managed by Sustainable Nation and has 12 exciting teams participating in 2017.

On the 8 September, 3 finalists will be selected to pitch at the Grande Finale in Cyprus in Oct 2017.


A biodegradable polymer that can be extruded through 3-D printing, becoming a low-cost method to irrigate crops in a more economical and efficient way


Electa Marine Fluid

A rotating vertical/horizontal axis using water to drive a turbine for the production of hydraulic electricity from currents. It houses a generator which supplies to a grid.



Gas Light Cylinder

A lightweight composite gas cylinder made from plastics and woven glass fibre, to accommodate a market of over 60 million gas cylinders that need to be replaced every 7 years. A light, safe and cheaper alternative to transport all forms of gas.



Grow it Bio

An organic fertilizer for hobby gardener – with raw material from restaurants, breweries etc.



New Paradigms

Offers a platform on which towns can plot their own route to a sustainable future. To do this is first enables a detailed analysis of the towns present environmental performance, identifying areas of improvement and matching these with opportunities.

 The Nu Wardrobe

A clothes sharing website targeted at universities and third level.


Pleaser Bottle

A pressure loaded, easy apply squeeze liner that when filled with product e.g. water can be loaded into a solid bottle for use/ delivery – idea is to reduce number of plastic bottles being disposed of.



A garment embedded with sensors to sell to online retailers, that will digitally map the human body and provide a customers unique body measurements. Thus enabling retailers to provide their customers with the correct fit. Vastly reducing the enormous financial and carbon cost of returns across the industry.

 Social Feedia

A farm to fork to farm platform that empowers farmers to trade their fruit & vegetables directly with local consumers who are looking to by food with provenance. By trading directly with consumers, farmers will now be able to understand the data & analytics provided by SocialFeedia, to know what, when and how much of a fruit or vegetable to produce. This enables farmers to precision farm; eliminating food wastage, production inefficiencies and realise greater profit margins.

Vertech Energy

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) powered micro generation using innovative mass production methods.




Reel Tide Energy

Extract energy from tidal currents to drive generator. Deployment of DragPods in tidal current attached to a controlled line that sets the direction and depth. The drag force draws the line off reel and the movement drives the generators.



Creating innovative self-contained wind power generators, suitable for urban & rural locations, enabling businesses to reduce energy costs and provide greener more environmentally friendly products and services. Design, manufacture & distribution of compact, silent wind energy systems to enable the generation of low cost, renewable power at the point of demand.

If you are interested to join us on 8th September for the national finals please register here.

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