Supported by the public and private sector, Sustainable Nation Ireland is the national platform for the promotion of Ireland as a world-leading hub for sustainable finance, business and innovation, accelerating Ireland’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Our Mission

We bring together capital market participants, corporates, innovators and public sector organisations to stimulate increased investment in sustainable infrastructure and innovation. The transition to a low carbon economy is a huge opportunity for Ireland, catalysing economic growth and jobs.

Our Network

We achieve our goals through the support of our members and partners. We have a role under the Irish Government’s IFS2020 strategy and under the National Mitigation Plan

Our History

Sustainable Nation Ireland was created through a 2015 merger of Ireland’s Green International Financial Services Centre (Green IFSC) and The Green Way, an organization leading the cleantech cluster in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin.


Working Groups

Chaired by Terence O’Rourke.


Chaired by Pat Cox.