Accelerate Your Business Growth to Market. 2°Catalyst is a leadership development programme tailored for companies that are developing resource efficiency products or services.

There is a global demand for smart solutions that will support a 2°C (or less) rise in global temperature, but scaling a business irrespective of global market opportunities is daunting; you need to consider markets, customers, funding for growth, and finding the right team.

This programme is not academic; it is about actionable insights that can drive the value of your business and help you achieve growth and transformation through learning and connectivity by plugging into our Sustainable Nation global network.


This programme uses blended learning methodologies:

  • Boot camp workshops
  • Peer learning
  • One to one mentoring and coaching

6 Pillars of Growth

With learning across the 6 key pillars of growth:

  • Strategy
  • Finance & Funding
  • Leadership & People
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Excellence


  • Connectivity to national and international business, policy and researcher leaders.
  • Access to capital, creating targeted introductions to buyers and investors, while also sign-posting grant funding
  • Promotion

Previous Years

2016: Read more about our 12 companies that participated in 2016.


Download our 2017 brochure and flyer.


2°Catalyst is kindly supported by Sustainability Skillnet.

Sustainable Nation is the promoter of Sustainability Skillnet, a national initiative which aims to develop, promote, and enable the Irish sustainability sector to increase market growth, employment, competitiveness, and enhance its international reputation.


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